Fifth Party Logistic Model (5PL)

A fifth party logistic service provider guarantees the management of networks of supply chains. The industrial actor hires third parties for the supply of strategic, innovative logistical solutions and concepts. A fifth party logistic service provider develops and implements, preferably in close consultation with the client, the best possible supply chains or networks. Fifth party logistic is often linked to E-business.

Quix Global will cover this missing link in the supply chain and maintain communication between industrial and commercial companies with logistics service providers (3PLs). Thus will emerge the need for a provider, that will centralize and manage their resources and will give them the ability to increase their skills and technological development, same as for providing ancillary services for a complete supply chain solution.

We can create unique and comprehensive supply chain solutions that cannot be achieved with a single provider

The services we provided are:

• The negotiations with 3PL (invoice management, call centers, warehouse/distribution facilities, etc.)

• Implementation Center (the business process analysis/scoping, and development of all activities into an open systems framework)

• Product/Skill Centers (supply chain engineering)

• IT System Center (the pure IT selection for design and implementation/connectivity)

• 5PL Back Office (administration, quality, finance, legal, etc.)

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