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Quix Global offers a complete and customized door to door solution for the Pharmaceutical industry by its unique range of Thermal Control Packaging. The Products range from 4 liters – inner quantity – up to +300 liters. Our unique approach by offering a personal follow up to all levels of our service from picking up the product and placing it into our Thermal Control unit, up to its final delivery to the customer, will guarantee your products lifeline.

Temperature Control Packing Solutions

Product 1: EPS VIP pallet shipper

It can come with additional VIP insulation or only EPS. We use it usually with PCM boards. It is a joint product with our partner in GERMANY. It has a superb performance with very high thermal stability. The product page attached.


Product 2: PCM thermal blanket

It is a game-changer in the market. Thermal blanket with a performance of a pallet shipper. Check the 3D video about it:

Product 3: distribution bag

Our best seller in the Israeli market. You don’t need to defrost the cooling elements before use. There is a shield inside that regulates the temperature. Please check the video below:

Product 4: GYRO thermal box as a rental service and full door 2 door solution.

For this activity, We are using, logistics center in different locations around the globe. The boxes are validated for 9 days. They are sent in a ready to use condition to the sender and have another 5 days of travel after the sender insert its payload. Please check the 3D video on the link below:

The GYRO thermal packaging comes in a variety of sizes and at different temperature ranges.

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